How To Document Tests

The quality of input determines the quality of output.


Our MVP is almost done now. At least the developer thinks it is. When I look at it, it’s different. The software does not feel “done” at all.

Several things still don’t work.

My task now is to give the developer good feeback. So he can go ahead and fix everything, so that we have a working MVP.

How to increase quality of feedback:

  1. step
  2. step
  3. step

Often one or several things are missing when stakeholders give feedback. At best, feedback is not implemented and the bugfixing takes longer.

In the worst case, the software only works superficially. Things would break for the end user and produce corrupt data. Just because we didn’t get the feedback right.

Every person in the software team should know how to test properly.

Only then we respect the developer’s time. Only then they can actually produce something of quality.


We use Testpad for Cliptill:

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