My name is Till Carlos. I graduated in computer science, but forgot how to program. I co-founded a software development shop but am the worst project manager.

I hired the right people so I can focus on the things I am good at.

I learned marketing and started to love it. My business it about helping digital agencies generate qualified leads fast. This blog is for you, if you want to connect with me on a personal level.

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When I set out as a computer scientist, I did not have an answer for VITAL questions of business. Do you also ask yourself…

  • “How many people will buy my software product?”
  • “Am I focusing on the right things?”
  • “What can I automate?”
  • “How can I connect my business to high ROI internet marketing strategies?”

Then you should read the resources and the articles.

Here’s how this site helps your business

Author Giles Colborne said “The best place to watch users is in their natural environment.” I reverse engineer how businesses sell and make the results available to you.

I believe, that human behavior will not change for technology. Technology and business have to adapt to us. Only then, a business can grow a large customer base.

If you are building your online business, you’d better know about these things. Not only do changes of your product cost, every lead turned away is a lost opportunity to make money.

Till Carlos giving a talk in Saigon

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I gather knowledge from talking to experts. Co-founders, interviews with entrepreneurs, and people using my software. Most importantly my 11 years of industry experience that I will also give away for free in this blog.

What are the articles?

Entrepreneurship is my vehicle to connect products with people. As I have incorporated over 5 times and led dozens of teams, you will learn from my failures.

Teardowns are autopsies of businesses that try to sell online. This is the single best resource you will find when it comes down to actionable advice for your business.

Social… what works with people offline that also works online? Discover which strategies you can implement to sell more online.

About Till Carlos

I studied computer science at the Kiel University, Germany. During the study I founded a mobile app development company and employed my fellow students.

In 2013 I founded a SaaS company and moved to Asia.

You can follow me on twitter here. Or get in touch via email.

Interviewing for the YOWO project

Even after years working in visual media, Till still managed to teach me some simple new methods to streamline our creative process

~Jimmy Hayes, Minaal.com

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Newsletter With no-spam policy. Max 1 email per week about these topics.