Hello, my name is Till.
I am a software developer and marketer.

German citizen, living in Vietnam and all over the world.
Computer scientist (Dipl.-Inf.) by trade, Marketer by passion.

Have you ever noticed this thing with personal websites?

Every time you update them, you think wow, how much time has passed?

Today is August 7, 2020. Most countries are still in lock down. I sit in a coworking space, just finished all tasks for today. Time to look into all the leftover tasks from the last months.

This pops up: “Simplify my personal website.”

I never saw the importance of personal websites. I don’t even know how much traffic comes on this one. Probably less than what would justify putting so much effort into it.

This website is like a time machine

I update it every couple of years, and every time I can look back:

  • It shows me where I’ve come from.
  • What person I was 3 years ago.
  • And: how foolish I thought.

You might think: great, but why should I care?

Well, this website is not here persuade you of anything.

It’s not here to sell you anything.

–> It is here to make a new friend. Or to leave it.

Yes, this IS for you

May I assume your time is precious?

May I assume you get more facebook friend requests than you accept?

Then this website helps you to decide if we have a value match.

If there’s a point in reaching out to Till.

So: go for it: read my values and see if there’s a match!