Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy and GDPR Overview

Version 1.1 – 20 January 2023

You’re viewing this document because you are reading my personal blog, and/or interacted with one of the Apps I’ve built. Or maybe because you just wanted to know and asked for it. The latest version of this document is always visible at .

The Basics

GDPR is a solid work with best intentions. We should all treat data as very important and give people the right to not be tracked and to be forgotten. I, Tillmann Carlos Bielefeld, try to comply as best as I can. A this is just a personal page, I hope nobody will send me cease or desist letters in case I do something wrong here. This stuff is not that easy to understand – so: please be kind, write me a simple email, and point out where I should fix things: [email protected].

What Data We Have

In the general case, the only data I have about you is data that you’ve explicitly given directly to me. That is, most of the time, but not exclusively, your email address and name.

What I Do With That Data

I use it to email you about new content we come up with, or to do general business with you, if you ask me to. That can be ongoing client relationships, inquiries, or related thing I need in the future to keep you as a valued contact in my email list.

How Long We Keep That Data

I keep your data only as long as necessary. If our business relationship ends and I don’t need the data any more (e.g. for exclusion of future emails), I will remove it.

Who Else Gets That Data

In general I will not share your data to other parties unless specified, or directly necessary to carry out business (in that case we try to update the list below), and try to email you.

Your Rights

You can ask me for a copy of all data I have about you. I will require a 10 EUR processing fee alongside your proof of identification. In case you wish to have your data removed, please tell me in an email. Below is a list of services that I use that might store data attached to your email address.

Please direct any request to me directly: [email protected]

More Details

Who We Are

I am Tillmann Carlos Bielefeld, aka Till Carlos, which I use on the internet. My address is Shrosha 2, 0179 Tbilisi, Georgia. My company, which sometimes acts on my behalf (with employees and contractors) is Pairing OÜ, Sakala 7-2, 10141 Tallinn, Estonia.

Contacting Us Regarding Your Data

The person at, or who is in charge of compliance with GDPR is myself, Tillmann Carlos Bielefeld, and you can email me: [email protected].

Systems we use and what data it has

Google Mail / Apps

I use Google mail as my primary mail system. Google’s Privacy and Security documents:

Google Analytics

This an my other websites use Google Analytics. Google’s Privacy and Security documents:


I use sendy over at – which is a simple PHP script to send out emails. Sometimes it adds tracking links. If you subscribe to our emails, you will get custom tracking links once in a while.


When you start applying for a role on the Perl Careers site, you’re prompted to start with your email address. If you enter it, this is sent, via a custom Perl script on HostGator, to our Gmail account. Your email address transits HostGator’s systems during that time, but is not retained or stored there.

HostGator’s Security policies can be found here:

Any Questions?

Just email me: [email protected]

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