More People Should Know These


Structure when having a problem

Use this:

  • This is the problem
  • This is what I tried
  • This is what people on the internet say
  • This is how you can help me.

Screenshots rules

  • Make everything viewable on chat
  • best if it’s text

Do follow ups

  • We forget things. Follow up. We like that!

Limit Threads + use multi line chats

  • General idea with chats: keep them in the main conversation
  • Only if there’s something that’s clearly to an old point if the conversation has moved on: make a thread.

Keep us up to date

  • A daily update is amazing. Nobody is doing it. So this is a great point to start


  • This is what happened today
  • This is what I could need help with
  • These are my priorities. Let me know if it needs readjustment.

Send videos

  • Don’t ask questions inside a video
  • Keep the video at 1-2min max

No Hello

  • This includes “Do you have a minute?”
  • This inlcudes a link without explanation
  • Screenshot from Isr, video from steli efti.
  • include scam screenshot
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