Read this before going live with your software

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Pilots use a checklist before taking off.

Common sense, right?

Then why not use a checklist for going live with your software?

We are using these points in my software company for bringing new software online all the time.


The following is a checklist for non-technical project managers.

1. Goal of this release

  • Why are we going live?
  • What are we not going live with?
  • What metrics do we want to gather?
  • What is the worst case outcome and how do we handle it?

2. Features and tests

  • Complete user journeys with test cases
  • All background processes
  • With approvers who tested the flow
  • Bonus: add the automated tests (number of cases)

3. Infrastructure

  • Who can make a rollback + how long does it take?
  • Who can access the database and fix data, if needed?
  • Where are backups?

4. Responsibilities

  • Who can do support?
  • Who is first + second level support?
  • Who is fixing bugs

5. Metrics

  • How do we know who uses the software?
  • What kind of performance / storage metrics do we have?
  • Who can see them?
  • What do we accept as good / bad outcome?

6. Communication

  • Who signs off on the release and “flips the switch”?
  • Are customers notified? Is the user guide up to date?
  • Is the marketing department ready?

7. Next release

  • What’s the time to next release?
  • Did anyone overwork? Who needs some time off?
  • What are the open things that are still not done?

Grab the template in the download section.

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