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I always underestimated how hard SaaS would be.

My two failed startup attempts had pre-sales, but never made it past 1k MRR. Then I met John Reineck built two successful SaaS startups.

And I saw what I was doing wrong.

My intensitiy was too low. But how much should we actually do?

In this interview John gives me his formula how to

  • Approach cold contacting like a pro
  • Know when to stop and start building
  • Make the first sales.

About John

There’s this guy who I’ve always looked up to.

He is non-technical, and build a very profitable SaaS. And now he launches another app.

All while not coding anything.

Target Potential Customers

John recommends targeting potential customers who have shown a clear need for your product. For example, if your SaaS product helps healthcare professionals maintain patient privacy and comply with regulations, target healthcare providers who have expressed concerns about these issues.

Search for Niche Problems

Instead of relying on generic marketing messages, focus on identifying niche problems faced by your target audience. By engaging in direct conversations with potential customers, you can gain a deeper understanding of their specific needs and desires.

The “Good to Have” vs. Must-Have Problem

John suggests that the response time from potential clients can be a good indicator of the urgency and importance of the problem you’re addressing. If someone responds quickly to your cold email, it’s a sign that they’re actively looking for a solution.

Talk to Your Customers

John emphasizes the importance of talking to your customers. The more conversations you have, the better you’ll understand the problems they face and how your product can address them. As John says, “A good founder always talks to their customer.”

Cold Emailing Strategies

John shares some cold emailing strategies you can use to approach potential clients. He emphasizes that the initial contact shouldn’t be a sales pitch, but rather an opportunity to start a conversation and learn more about their needs.

Building Your Business Model

As you interact with potential customers, pay attention to the questions and concerns they raise. This feedback can be invaluable in shaping your business model and product development. You can use this information to create a FAQ section for your website or product documentation.

Closing the Deal

Building relationships is key to closing deals, especially for expensive SaaS products. John emphasizes the importance of taking the time to understand your clients’ needs and concerns before pressuring them to buy.

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