How to Use Early Wins to Tackle Hard Problems

2 min read

Getting a quick win early in a project sets us up for success.


This is especially true when building software, like the SaaS (Software as a Service) my team and I are developing. We’re sharing our journey on this blog.

I used to think tackling the hardest parts first was best. Now, I’ve found a better way: start with a quick, easy win. Then, go after the tough stuff. Why? Early wins make our brains think success is coming.

Let me share a story. When planning our software’s first version, I focused on the hardest part: video buffering. But my developer started with something simpler: the admin interface. In just one week, he had it working!

[Here’s a screencast showing our progress]

See? He began with the admin interface. This helped us learn to work together. We figured out how to manage the project and what our software should look like. It’s fun to see our logo on the screen, even if it’s just a small part.

This quick win, a working interface, was more important than I realized. It set us up for the next, harder steps. Studies show early wins are crucial. They give us confidence to keep going.

So, remember, a quick win at the start can make a big difference. It gets us ready for the bigger challenges ahead. That’s our strategy, and it’s working!

Till Carlos

I'm Till, a senior developer who started a software company. I explain software concepts for people in leading roles.