We just completed our 21 day challenge

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See tweet storm here, linkedin post.

Our challenge, inspired by @hubermanlab.

A group of 6 friends went for it. Each picked 6 Habits.

We based our challenge on this video:

  • Every habit at least once every 2 days.
  • Every day at least 4 habits out of 6
  • no punishment if you fail a day
  • If you miss tracking for 2 consecutive days you are out of the challenge

8 people started, 2 stopped tracking. We checked in via spreadsheet + whatsapp

habit definitions

Results for me:

  • did 11 sessions of cardio (will stick to it)
  • Prioritized sales for @Pairingdev – which was my primary goal
  • Started Journaling every day
  • Gained 3kg 😮, gym 10 sessions

How we tracked it: we used a spreadsheet with a specific formula in there. The formula represented what Huberman said in his podcast: a day is reached/green if you never miss a habit on two consecutive days, and every day you complete at least 3 of your set habits.

-> Get the sample spreadsheet here

The main idea is that you do each habit at least once every 2 days. That makes sense considering you might not want to lift every day (unless you are @growthkarl)

Lessons learned after 21 days

  • #journaling is really beneficial to stay focused. I set a 10 minute timer and start writing down my goals for this quarter.
  • Goal-based journaling in the fun, for 10 minutes
  • After that, random brainstorming on how to reach those goals. That’s it.

Another insight: Cardio is quite nice. I didn’t expect that, especially as I never used a stationary bike before.

till running

Running every other morning feels really good!

It became a nice morning routine. I took calls and meetings on it. Sometimes I just stuck to running, when I was bored.

If you want a template of this spreadsheet with the formulas, send me a DM.

Got any questions? Email me: [email protected]

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