Apart from working on my businesses I started to help other entrepreneurs.

Do you ask yourself…

How do I start my own business?

In October 2014 Tom Libelt and I formed a team around the documentary Your Own Way Out.

This is the video that we wish was around when we were younger and just starting out. It’s meant to show that we can all choose our own path in life and write our own scripts whatever we wish those to be.

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How do I perform at content marketing?

In our business Märketing we help companies get their content marketing right. Since starting the business we gathered helpful information on that topic.

Check out the free ebook The 80/20 Guide To Content Marketing (Incl. Delegation Tips) and go to

How do I improve my business skills?

Leadership: I interviewed 16 entrepreneurs on that topic in 2013. Check out the podcast. Read more.

Team building: check out my book, “Fail Alone / Succeed Together”. Read more.

Cold Calling: Download the free course (10 videos) to learn it. Read more.

Brand naming: To answer all questions I wrote the most important brand name guidelines down. Read more.