21 Day Habit Challenge – Instructions

After posting my tweet about habits, some people asked me “What kind of results did people get from this?”

Let’s have a look.

Plus I’ll post instructions how to run your own 21 day habit challenge (incl. template)


First: the results were quite significant.

Of 6 people 2 failed most of the time, but still got better.

The 4 who achieved most of their days got crazy results. I myself gained 3kg working out a lot. This other guy lost 8kg through a rigorous fasting regimen.

See yourself

Let’s talk about the rules.

Again, these are according to @hubermanlab – thanks for providing the research. You inspire us.

Most importantly: it’s okay if you fail, it’s not okay if you don’t track.

And then: every habit at least once every 2 days. Every day min 4 habits.

Here is the template I made for you: [template] 21 Days Habit Challenge

The red column: put in your start day.

And then add your habits into the columns.

What habits to pick? see first sheet.

Important is how you define your habits.

You need to have them measurable. Ideally your team members can see if you reached them or not.

Those are mine for round 2. You’ll see here if I stick to them or not.

Some examples to make the rules stick. See these 3 blocks:

1: achieve with minimal criteria

2: not achieved, as one day nothing happened

3: not achieved be cause of less than 4 habits per day.

I hope you found that useful. Let me know how it goes!