About Me

In 2017 I founded the company Pairing. We have a team of developers and a predictable process to ship software products in time and budget.

In the years of building Pairing, I learned a lot about hiring. Now I want to hand this knowledge over to you.

Why you might ask?

The reason is simple: I got too many requests that didn’t fit our tech stack. And many of these requests come from entrepreneurs who could just do the hiring themselves.

That’s why I’m giving out the tools we gathered along the way.

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What else do you want to know about me?

I’m a German citizen, living in Vietnam and all over the world. I hold a postgraduate diploma in computer science (Dipl.-Inf.).

Here’s my CV. I also wrote a user manual for myself, in case you are thinking about working with me. I am active on twitter and in 2022 I accidentally became a tiktok influencer with millions of views.

In 2021 I started with a small list of people who I send videos to. You can join this list on the updates page.

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About Me