Webflow Marketing Analysis (Website Construction SaaS)

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Webflow is a website construction kit for design professionals. Their online marketing is awesome and driven by a large crowd of raving fans. What you can learn from the Webflow¬†Marketing Use your product to market itself. Fine-tune content marketing A new outbound sales idea ‚Ķ that webflow could be your next best tool. The Video … Continued

Meshfire Marketing Analysis (How to market a social media SaaS)


Meshfire is a social media automation tool for teams who want to put an ROI on their efforts. In this video I inspect their internet marketing and how they are doing in terms of promoting their own SaaS. What you can learn from the Meshfire Marketing How to write relevant articles on a corporate blog … Continued

Essential Knowledge for SaaS Emails

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Here is a list of my favorite articles on email marketing. I believe anyone can learn something new from this list and apply them to their business right away. If you want to optimize your SaaS email delivery but don’t know where to start: Lincoln Murphy (@lincolnmurphy) describes the obstacles your emails have to go … Continued

The Software Salesman Mindset (this guy had it and grew big)


My second job as a software developer was at a SaaS company. I was employee number 4. Now there are over 50 people working there. The founder pulling in all the sales was a non-technical person. He was also the one who found his technical partner and pushed the company all along to market leadership. … Continued